Sunday, 25 June 2017

Hasbro Transformers Generations - Fall of Cybertron - Voyager: Grimlock

Leader of Dinobots and loyal subject to Autobot! The tough Grimlock transforms himself from robot to steel apex predator Tyrannosaurus Rex. This Hasbro version of Grimlock from Fall of Cybertron - Voyager was bought for my son at the time when he was fond of dinosaurs. I personally think that it is well designed and I have seen people customised theirs, by dry brushing to make it look even more realistically metallic. 

Armed with melee weapons such as the sword and shield give the toy a medieval feel out off its futuristic design. In robot mode, Grimlock looks muscular with large chest and huge arms. Grimlock also looks amazing in dinosaur mode, just that the tail seems kind of thick. Last but not least the toy comes with gimmicks like battery operated glowing eyes and mouth as well as Tyrannosaurus chomping jaw mechanism.

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Toushin Toshi II - Hazuki Mizuhara 1/6 Scale Figures

Female protagonist from an ergo game 'Toushin Toshi II' back in the days of early PC era. Hazuki Mizuhara is the daughter of swordsman, trained in swordsmanship entering Toushin tournament. A fighting journey that happens every year, the best of fighters enter to win the coveted 'God of Battle' title. What I like about this figure is the the armor worn by Hazuki shared many similarities to typical knight fantasy games and anime in the 80s such as Langrisser and Fire Emblem. 

Realistic figure of a brilliant armor, faithfully reproduces Hakuki in PVC figure, in her willowy cloak beautiful sword mounted to the rear and small shield on left forearm. As a bonus the figure also includes cast off bra armor to reveal Hazuki's assets. It is a surprise find to me during my visit to a local hobby shop. The figure was introduced as part of 'Forever Heroine Series', manufactured by Atelier-Sai licensed under ALICESOFT. On the box, it says you need to be at least 18-year-old to own it. 

I feel that the skin tone of the figure isn't as fair as that was printed on the promotional pics nonetheless the figure is still nice with those big round eyes and would say this classic figure is pretty hard to come by. Which leads to me to also getting the alternate colour of the the same figure from eBay. The pink version is a limited released whereby only 500 pieces were released. The skin tone of the pink version is fairer in comparison. 

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Muv-Luv Type-94 Shiranui 94式 不知火 Kotobukiya Model Kit

Here is my favourite mecha from Muv-Luv series which I believed is from 'Alternative' line featured in the game, initially as a eroge game before the title popularised. Type-94 Shiranui has that jet fighter's thrusters aerodynamic feel and I'm especially fond of the United Nations 'UN' colour scheme. Above all, its the unique huge shield can flip, acting as a punching tool, stands out from the Tactical Surface Fighter (TSF). 

Shiranui is the 3rd generation TSF hence the advanced technology greatly boast the maneuverability and firepower. Designed and manufactured by the Japan Empire in Mui-luv Alternative, Type-94 Shiranui possessed a lot of the spirit of samurai with its optional melee weapons as the dual samurai mounted at the backpack. I have the action figure by Volks but find the dual antenna on head bending down after some time. I find the model kit more appealing and slight bigger in size thus more ideal for my display. Of Course, I'm referring to the non-scale Kotobukiya : Storm and Strike Vanguard Version model kit. Generous of Kotobukiya for including a tonnes of weapons and accessories to emulate Storm Vanguard (gun and shield) or Strike Vanguard duty (two guns). 

The assembling was done by me however I have engaged someone to commission the spraying. Daven is a pro-model and I feel that he had really done justice to the kit! I'm certainly satisfied with the shading and metallic done to the hexagons done on the shield. I'm also very lucky to get the trading figure of the pilot, Shirogane Takeru, the protagonist of the two main games of the Muv-Luv franchise: Muv-Luv and Muv-Luv Alternative.


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